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CSI Specs

Click through to view, download and print our CSI Specs:

Waterproof - WP

ALX Pedestrian Traffic Coating

ALX UT Pedestrian Traffic Coating

MACoat Pedestrian Traffic Coating

MACoat UT Pedestrian Traffic Coating

Epoxy Coat - EC

Dubro Epoxy

Dubro Quartz Epoxy

Epoxy Mortar 

Epoxy Mortar Quartz

Epoxy Slurry

Liquid Dazzle Epoxy

Liquid Granite & Terrazzo Epoxy

Thin Film Epoxy

Thin Film Water-Based Epoxy

Surface Coat - SC

Acid Stain Grind & Seal

Acid Stain Prep & Seal

Fast Stain Grind & Seal

Water-Based Stain Grind & Seal

Texture Coat - TC

Texture-Crete Broom-On

Texture-Crete Custom

Texture-Crete Interior

Texture-Crete Level-It

Texture-Crete Stamp-It

Texture Crete Standard

S I N C E   1 9 8 1
M A D E   I N   U.S.A.

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