Over time, school flooring can become degraded, incur chips, uneven areas, scaling, and other problems. Damaged concrete floors pose a risk for students, teachers, and visitors to the facility. Safety is always a concern and helps prevent slips, trips, and falls is of utmost importance. In addition, small areas of floor damage can grow quickly when exposed to daily wear-and-tear, spilled liquids or lab chemicals, and corrosive cleaning products.

Luckily school flooring can be restored, updated, and made safer and easier to clean thanks to the broad selection of Westcoat products. From the most utilitarian looks to those with modern, trend-forward finishes, school flooring that’s past its prime can be replaced with one of the many new options available. Even concrete substrates demonstrating significant deterioration can often be economically refurbished to an environment-enhancing finish. Budget-friendly and exceptionally durable, our school flooring systems can update the appearance, cleanliness, and overall safety of your facility.

Systems Available for School Flooring:

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