Quick Tips for Social Media Success

by Michelle

  • March 24th, 2020 / 
  • Education

Truth is, the need for an online presence is not going to go away. Here are a few tips for social media success.

Have fun 

First of all its important to remember that social media should be fun! Try not to think about it as a chore but rather a way to showcase your talents.  

Be Consistent 

Regular posting keeps your audience and potential customers engaged. Posting daily is best but even several times per week will keep the social media gods satisfied. 

Link Together 

Add your website to your social media profiles so that future customers can learn more about your services and contact you. 


Shoot both photos and videos. People love to see before and after transformations. How you can solve a problem? There are so many ways to use social media, find what works for your business.

Tell a story 

Your followers want to know what you and your company are all about. It’s not called social media for nothing! Your story adds a human element to your business and that resonates with the people who follow you on social media. 

Success with Social Media

Don't be overwhelmed by social media...

Below are a few easy tricks and tips to getting started!

Now what? 

I just shared some quick tips on how to be successful. I’m going to keep this short and sweet, you only need to be on a couple different platforms to stay relevant online.


Not just for selfies anymore, Instagram is such a fun (and easy) way to share your business with the world. Upload a multi-photo post to showcase the job process or reveal the before and after. Utilize a few hashtags to extend your reach beyond your followers. Adding up to 11 hashtags can make your post 85% more visible.

Utilize the highlights area (the circles you see in the image above) as your portfolio to show potential customers. We have broken down our highlight sections by our four categories, you could do it by waterproofing, to epoxy garage floors, or even different finish options.


Connect your Facebook account to Instagram and cross post from one to the other. You can easily set up and link your Instagram to your Facebook account then posting becomes as easy as 1-2-3. Click “Share” on Instagram and your post automatically gets shared to your Facebook feed. Unless you are famous, you can’t share clickable links on Instagram, so Facebook is a great way to share your website.


A professional way to connect with others. Business owners and salespeople should all have accounts for another degree of connecting and networking. I think of LinkedIn as the business version of Facebook where you can share your work in a neat and more curated way. The lines are getting blurry but I still like to keep my professional and personal life separate.

I barely scratched the surface of social media, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and send me your questions!  ➡️  https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellekourycook/  ⬅️

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