Quick Tips: Using Before and After Photos as a Sales Tool

by Michelle

  • April 6th, 2020 / 
  • Education

When it comes to construction projects, everyone loves seeing the big reveal! We are visual creatures and seeing how a space can be transformed really drives home the possibilities. Whether its commercial or residential the customer still gets the same satisfaction of imagining your solution for their problem. You don’t need any fancy equipment either, a newer smart phone will suffice for social media. 

Getting Started 

Begin documenting right off the bat. Take some photos during your initial appointment with the client. These initial pictures are not only going to document any issues you might need to address during the job but will be great to compare to your final work. 

Capture before pictures and get several wide shots of the entire space or different areas. This gives the viewer a great view of how the space looked before you did any work. We can all relate to that area of our home or business that could use a makeover. 

Shoot pictures in portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) mode. You never know what you might want to use the images for so getting both angles will cover the bases. Later you might want to use something in print vs online and you will have multiple versions to choose from. 

The Process 

Get photos at every step. Focus on a trouble area, maybe there’s a large crack you need to address that the viewer can see how you fixed it. Get great shots of your crews at work to show how it’s all done. These photos are great for putting together a video to show off your project. 

The Big Reveal 

Here’s the fun part where you get a chance to show off all your hard work. Take your time to really capture the newly transformed area. Replace the furniture, straighten up tables and chairs, sweep, really get the space ready.  

Then simply take pictures! Be sure to reference you before shots and get final shots from the same spot.  

Share on Social Media 

During the process you can share all this great content online! Share the images and add your expertise as to what the problem is and how you are going to address it. Take your followers through the journey of installing a concrete coating or waterproof decking system.  

You can do this so many ways but at a minimum you should have a Facebook / Instagram account for reaching an audience that might not be on LinkedIn and vice versa.

If you have a Facebook and Instagram account, you can easily link them and only have one place to post. What you post in Instagram will automatically post to Facebook when set up correctly.

LinkedIn keeps your B2B connections informed on your big projects and is a great way to send Direct Messages to someone you are trying to connect with for future work.

I hope these Quick Tips are resonating with you and inspiring you to get active on social media. Again, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and send me your questions!  ➡️  https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellekourycook/  ⬅️

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