Staying Cool with High Temperature Solutions

by Michelle

  • August 3rd, 2023 / 
  • Education

Working during the hottest months of the year can come with product issues, here are a few high temperature solutions for your next hot project!

Slow Down Cement

When the summer heat is at its peak, working with cement mixes can become a challenging task. However, with the CA-16 Cement Decelerator from Westcoat, you can now increase the working time of cement mixes during hot weather conditions.

This fantastic additive can be easily blended on site and incorporated into any Westcoat cements, offering you more flexibility and efficiency in your construction projects even when the temperatures soar.

high temperature solutions

Keep Surfaces Cool

To combat the scorching heat and make your living spaces more comfortable during the hottest months, Westcoat presents an array of Solar Reflective Finishes. These cutting-edge finishes are designed to keep you cool and protected from the blistering sun.

The system uses white cements and a topcoat infused with infrared pigments, effectively reducing the surface temperature and mitigating the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Explore the following solar reflective systems from Westcoat to find the one that best suits your needs:

ALX Solar Reflective: A top-notch system that guarantees exceptional solar reflection properties, helping you maintain a cooler environment while still enjoying the benefits of a reliable and durable finish.

MACoat Solar Reflective: Specially formulated to combat high temperatures, this system offers outstanding solar reflectivity, ensuring your surfaces stay cooler for longer.

Texture-Crete Solar Reflective: A perfect choice for those seeking both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This system not only provides solar reflective benefits but also adds a stylish touch to your spaces.

Don’t let the heat slow you down. Embrace these innovative solutions from to beat the heat and create more comfortable living and working spaces. Stay cool, even in the hottest weather! For more information and detailed insights, contact your local Westcoat representative or give us a call 800-250-4519

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