Common Waterproofing Questions Property Managers Ask

by Michelle

  • September 15th, 2022 / 
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Property managers are responsible for maintaining the wellbeing of their tenants and ensuring their complex runs safely and efficiently. If your multi-family property has resident balconies or patio spaces, you may consider waterproofing systems to prolong those investments.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding waterproofing in a multi-family environment:

Q: How intrusive is the work to my tenants? Will they be required to leave or have trouble coming and going?

A: Typically, the contractor doing the work can do the installation from the exterior of the buildings on balconies or decks that are in the backs of the units. If doors and thresholds are being removed and replaced, this may require some construction to the interior space and may call for tenants to stay in place for a period of time. If the entryway of your building is being waterproofed, likely your installer will alert you or your tenants that they will need to be either in or out of the unit for 6-8 hours of the day depending on project status.

Q: Can tenants place items on their space like chairs, tables, potted plants, or doormats without the worry of scratching or staining?

A: Although extremely durable, your surface can scratch. We recommend using rubber booties for tables and chairs. Potted plants should be on a plant stand to avoid water staining or water damage. Your space is waterproofed; however, water is not intended to sit on your surface for a prolonged time frame. If tenants would like to use doormats, recommend for them to be breathable to avoid dirt or water getting trapped underneath causing staining. Be sure to move the items from time to time to clean underneath.

Q: How difficult is it to clean and maintain the surface?

A: Cleaning is a breeze. Simply sweep away dirt and debris on a daily or weekly basis. For a slightly more aggressive cleaning, you can use a neutral ph cleaner or a diluted solution of Trisodium phosphate (TSP). Scrub clean with a soft bristle brush or broom and rinsed away! A few years after your deck has been installed, maintenance should entail a deck or balcony inspection to ensure everything is performing up to expectations. It is recommended that the surface be resealed every 3-5 years with the same top coat or sealer.

Q: How long will the system last and what are the warranty options?

A: With a regimented cleaning and maintenance schedule, your deck will last several years. Be sure you abide by the recommended inspection schedule initially determined by your Westcoat representative and have your deck resealed when necessary (every 3-5 years). Various warranty options are available depending on your complex needs. Let us know your warranty expectations and we can work with you on a solution that fits these requirements.

Westcoat Rep Bill England was brought in by General Contractor WF Construction and longtime QCA Sta-Dry Waterproofing, to help advise on the best waterproofing solution. The podium deck was built without drainage, so Gomez Family Construction was brought in to deal with sloping needs.

In the absence of drainage, the podium deck needed sloping installed throughout to prevent water from pooling. Using a screed and trowel, the TC-30 was leveled and smoothed then allowed to dry before being waterproofed.

Did you know Westcoat offers complimentary Deck Inspections?


Allow one of our Westcoat representatives to stop by and complete a job walk to see if your balconies and decks need assistance. If work is needed, we will supply three Qualified Applicators who have installed Westcoat before to give you a quote based on our assessment. Fill out the form below or contact us today to learn more.

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