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Westcoat’s New Moisture Vapor Barrier: EC-15

by Cheryl Morgan

  • January 5th, 2020 / 
  • Education,Epoxy,Product Updates

Westcoat is excited to announce our newest product; EC-15 which is a moisture vapor barrier. EC-15 is designed to be applied directly over properly prepared concrete substrates and works to reduce the MVER (Moisture Vapor Emission Rate) of up to 15 lbs/24 hours * 1000 square feet. EC-15 can be used with most Westcoat Systems

What is a Moisture Vapor Barrier?

A moisture vapor barrier is a material that prevents moisture from entering a concrete slab. Vapor barriers are used because while fresh concrete is poured wet, it’s not supposed to stay that way. It needs to dry and then stay dry to avoid flooring problems.

If you’ve ever had a problem with a basement floor (or any concrete floor), you know the kind of damage that too much moisture can cause. Moisture enters concrete in a variety of ways, including via the ground, from humidity in the air, and through leaky plumbing that passes through a slab, plus the moisture that was in the original concrete mixture.

There’s only one way moisture leaves concrete, and that’s through its surface. If you have a concrete floor that’s in continuous contact with a source of moisture, you’re going to have problems. This is why a vapor barrier is essential.

What are the Advantages of EC-15 Moisture Vapor Barrier?

  • Easy-to-apply
  • One Coat Application
  • Low VOC
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Economical Solution
  • Compatible with Most Westcoat Flooring Systems
  • Suitable for Slabs with MVER up to 15 Pounds and RH up to 95%

Interested in learning more about our Moisture Vapor Barrier?

Please visit our EC-15 Moisture Vapor Barrier Spec Sheet or contact your local representative, for update to date information on the system, product specs, imagery, and more.