New Specification Look

Our Specification Guidelines have a New Look

by Cheryl Morgan

  • October 17th, 2018 / 
  • Education

Westcoat has recently updated the look of our specification guidelines. The new look offers a quick reference page at the start of the specification guide to easily reference information you may need from a mobile device without having to search thru a three-page pdf.

New System Overview Look

The first page of the specification guide now offers a system overview drawing of each step of the process. This process details the substrate to the custom finish. It’s a great resource when speaking to an Architect, Contractor or even the Homeowner about the process.

System Data Cheat Section

Our System Data section gives you everything you need to know, from the coverage for each step to the system components to the certifications. It is a helpful resource tool when planning. Along with the System Data Section, we do recommend utilizing some of our other resource tools before quoting a job, like our Material Estimator.

Under components, you will see that certain products are underlined. You can now click on the product to get to the product spec sheet from the system specification, no more searching online.