Flooring Options for Day Care Centers and Veterinary Hospitals

by Cheryl Morgan

  • November 27th, 2018 / 
  • Education

If you have a commercial location that caters to various types of pets, then flooring can be a major concern for you. Different types of animals can have various negative effects on floors, through shedding, accidents, nails, and over-excited behavior. You need to choose a surface covering that is durable, stain resistant, and relatively easy to both sanitize and clean.

Dog Proof Flooring Options: Proper Skid Resistant Floor

Whether paws, claws or shoes, the traffic in animal facilities is ongoing and abrasive. Veterinary floor coating systems should provide some slip resistance, but never to the detriment of sensitive canine pads. These skid-resistant properties must be well-balanced with cleanability, too—whether, in a veterinary practice, a laboratory, or a training or boarding facility, hygiene, and pathogen control is a high priority.

Sanitary Veterinary & Doggy Day Care Needs

Grout lines and seams in other flooring systems can harbor odors and germs. That’s because unprotected concrete floor slabs are porous, and absorb substances to which they are exposed. Veterinary and animal flooring systems must be seamless and impervious, capable of keeping animal waste, harsh cleaners and disinfectants contained on the surface of the concrete, where they can be disposed of quickly and safely.

An integral floor-to-wall cove base and a floor that gently slopes to a drain can be time-savers, especially when hosing down kennels and other areas. Depending on facility flooring structure, moisture-mitigating systems, and waterproofing underlayments can help keep mold, mildew and ground moisture vapor in check. Optional antimicrobial protection can also be incorporated throughout your concrete floor coating systems for added pathogen control.

Perfect Solutions for your Floor

Option 1: Attractive, Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly Flooring
An excellent value-based alternative to Terrazzo, Dubro Quartz is available in a variety of thicknesses, textures, and finishes. A broad spectrum of stock or custom colors and blends complement any décor and design. Sanitary and seamless, with optional integral cove base, Dubro Quartz requires no special waxes or buffing to maintain its outstanding performance and aesthetics over time.

Option 2: Liquid Granite and Liquid Terrazzo
Simulate the elegance of granite or terrazzo floors. Liquid Granite and Liquid Terrazzo combine epoxy and color chips to create seamless, decorative floor coatings. Designed to be chemically resistant and seamless, perfect for any veterinarian or doggy daycare center.

Option 3: Grind and Seal
Designed to be applied directly on existing concrete, Westcoat’s Grind & Seal System is a perfect way to renew and protect plain or old concrete in showrooms, salons, restaurants, and offices, as well as residential and commercial concrete floors. This system is recommended for use on medium to heavy foot traffic, interior floors and provides a fast and durable solution for sealing concrete floors. Westcoat’s Grind & Seal System is a chemical resistant and cost-effective alternative to polished concrete.

How do I find out more about Westcoat Flooring Options?

Contact us at (800) 250-4519 or fill out this contact form, for a Representative to contact you within your area. Our Westcoat Representative will meet you at your facility, assess your flooring needs and supply you with several qualified contractors that can do the work. We will work with you from start to the finish to ensure you receive the proper floor.