Waterproof Deck System

What Crew-Size Is Ideal when Installing a Waterproof Deck System?

by Cheryl Morgan

  • May 2nd, 2018 / 
  • Announcements,Education

When starting a project like waterproofing a deck, one of the biggest mistakes is hiring too many or too few workers. Both of these problems can prove to be very costly in the long-run. On the one hand, workers will be paid the same to do less work. On the other, you either push laborers to work too hard or you risk being behind schedule on the job, infuriating your client.

How Big is the Waterproof Deck System Project?

The number one thing to consider is how big the project is. This does not simply mean the size of the deck. There are a number of factors to consider, such as whether or not there is rot in the plywood/concrete. The design of the deck also affects the number of people needed as well.

Concerning Deck Design & Damage

Is the project a balcony deck, a roof deck, or a traditional backyard deck?

Roof and balcony decks usually require more workers. This, however, is dependent on the state of the roof. Has there been years of weather and exposure damage to the deck? If so, it makes sense to have someone inspect the damage before deciding on a crew size. An inspection team can be as small as one person to several people based on the size of the deck. Once the damage has been expected, it is easier to determine crew size. A deck that has significant damage is obviously going to require a larger crew.

So, What is the Optimal Crew Size?

It goes without saying that a larger crew will get the job done faster. The key factor to consider is whether the job needs to be expedited in such a way. Something that could affect this is whether the customer is in a rush to get it done. It is also important to think about if the weather is going to cause an issue or delay.

Finally, consider the size of the deck. A large deck will work better with a larger crew. Although, a small group of experts might be the better bet for quality standards. A small, professional crew is easier to manage but will obviously require longer to get the job done. The best thing to do is determine what the customer wants in term of timelines.

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