Better Options to Greasy Grimy Tile Grout

by Cheryl Morgan

  • March 14th, 2018 / 
  • Education

There are many issues that can affect tile grout. These can be caused by even the slightest of missteps during installation. Here are a few of the most common grout problems.

Inconsistent Color

A change in grout color from one side of the room to the other can be caused by a few different factors. There could have been an improper mix during installation. Using only part of the bag for one batch can cause an uneven use of pigment. Attempts to rehydrate grout during installation can cause the color to fade as the water will dilute the mix. Finally, using a messy sponge or dirty water to remove grout haze can cause streaking.


When cracks start to show in grout, there are a number issues that could be at fault. The loose substrate is the most worrisome reason for cracking. A shifting floor can at best cause the grout to crack, at worst cause damage to the floor itself. Cracking can also occur if the grout sat too long before use or mixed with too much water. Grout that was not properly packed into the gap is also susceptible to cracking as well. Air pockets left under the grout will cause a fracture and create cracks.


As grout is porous, it is highly vulnerable to stains caused by moisture absorption. The number one cause of this is due to improper sealing during installation. This is a very common and easily avoided problem with grout.

Improper Maintenance

Grout is an often-overlooked section when cleaning. It is lower than the rest of the floor and it requires special attention that a mop cannot offer. In order to properly clean grout, you need to specifically target it with a sponge or brush and scrub it clean. This can be a hassle and many people avoid doing so, which can cause ugly unsightly stains.

When it comes to heavily trafficked environments, flooring that can tolerate anything from thermal shock to moisture and even foodborne bacteria is a must. Our flooring systems are ultra-durable, seamless, and incredibly easy to maintain. With the peace of mind that comes from knowing your flooring is sanitary and slip-resistant (even when wet) you can put your focus on work instead of worrying whether your floor is safe.

Kitchen Options

Temper-crete: Offers excellent impact protection and can resist steam, chemicals, and heat.

Liquid Granite & Liquid Terrazzo: Designed to resemble granite or terrazzo floors while also maintaining a high level of durability, this flooring system offers the best of both worlds: Form and Function

Epoxy Slurry: Tough, resistant, and low odor; a simple choice for durability

Epoxy Mortar: Highly resistant and very durable, this floor will stand up to the toughest of jobs

Dubro: 100% solids epoxy floor coating for medium to heavy-duty jobs

Retail Options

TC Interior: Designed specifically for interior environments, this system will add style and durability to any retail area

Level-It: A self-leveling flooring system that will protect and revamp unsightly concrete floors

Fast Stain: Add color and style to showroom floors with this simple elegant flooring system

Visit our Retail Store Solutions page for more information on the various flooring options available to you.