TC Interior

Texture CoatING SYSTEM

Decorative, Cost-Effective, Fast Drying, Low Maintenance, Durable, Available Skid-Resistant Finish, Optional Solvent-Free Installation, Variety of Textures and Patterns, Applied Over Existing Concrete

Beautify your interior floor with TC Interior system specifically designed for the interior environment. Add style to any decor; choose either a smooth or slightly textured finish, pick from a variety of color and pattern choices, and finish with a durable satin or high gloss sealer. Color with Acid Stains and Water-based Stains or simply trowel smooth for a sleek concrete look.

Westcoat’s Texture-Crete Interior is a decorative topping designed to resurface plain concrete into a decorative and durable finish. The system is a series of polymer modified cementitious coatings that are bonded to concrete. It is applied with a mild texture, colored with acid or water-based stains, and finished with a satin sealer to give a truly unique finished floor.

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  • We have used Westcoat materials for 7 years.  The quality and technical support is second to none. The team at Westcoat does more than provide a quality solution, though. They are true partners who are as committed to our success as they are to their own.

    Matt Molander and Ken Odom – Owners (Molander Group)
  • Surfacing Solutions Inc. has used Westcoat Specialty Products for more than 15 years, they are one of the few companies that products have shown us sustainability in our industry. We utilize this company not only for our belief in the products but because of the support we receive from the people of Westcoat. From our Technical rep Marc Di Zinno to the entire inside sales staff and it is not rare to get personal attention from the owner Paul, as well. One of SSI’s  core values are “Relationships” so we are appreciative of the relationship we have with Westcoat and their Team.

    Shawn Halverson, CEO (Surfacing Solutions Inc.)
  • BBH has been applying the Westcoat systems for the past 14 years & cannot say enough about its durability, applicator friendly products, and wide range of finishes, creative marketing & one of the best service support teams I've ever worked with. You never feel like you are on your own when facing challenges in the field. After working with Westcoat for several years, you realize that it's a privilege to be part of a great culture aside from the product lines.

    Daryle Brown
  • Using the WestCoat family of coating products has allowed me to one-stop-shop all of my coating projects needs from Cementitous to Waterproofing to Epoxies. With WestCoat I secured my largest cementitous coating project ever and their support goes far beyond just answering questions.  My representative answers the phone after hours and across time zones and is always at the ready to lend support to me.   He helps prior to the sale with trainings through the sale and application with site visits and post sale with follow ups and warranty documentation.  Couldn't be more happy satisfied as a coating contractor/estimator.

    Scott Barnes (Estimator / Central Pacific Specialty Contractors)
  • Our company has been a distributor of Westcoat products for over 14 years now.  Westcoat products are of the highest quality and are reliably consistent, which means a lot to our applicators.  Westcoat does extensive in house testing on their products so when there are application questions they have the answers.  Westcoat’s commitment to quality and a positive application experience has made them a pleasure to do business with these many years.

    Brent Zaemann ( Vice President of Sales / Sealant Specialists )