Flooring Solutions: Your checklist to what’s needed to properly quote a Job

by Cheryl Morgan

  • March 28th, 2018 / 
  • Education

High traffic environments, such as kitchens, breweries, patios, and restaurants can be especially dangerous when wet. Slips occur far too often due to unnoticed or overlooked spills. Unchecked leakage or spills and constant traffic will also degrade floors, creating unsightly environments that give the impression of cheapness or unprofessionality.

Westcoat systems solve these problems and more. With seamless, durable, and simple-to-maintain flooring solutions, your floors will be safer and less prone to damage. Our floors outperform other products by providing ultra-durable surfaces that can withstand thermal shock, foodborne bacteria, and constant moisture. With a floor that is sanitary and slip-resistant (even when wet), you do not have to worry about bacterial growth or accidental slips. You can also rest easy knowing that your floor will withstand the damage caused by everyday stressors.

No matter the location, Westcoat has a solution to fit your needs. What area are you worried about?


Kitchens can get messy extremely fast. The fast-paced environment of a restaurant kitchen is very prone to spills and damage from normal wear and tear. Also, the last thing that tired kitchen staff members want to worry about at the end of a long day is difficult to clean floor. A floor that can be quickly cleaned and sanitized will affect not only staff morale, but it will also reduce labor costs and make a kitchen much more efficient.

Kitchens also run the risk of constant inspections for health code and local regulation violations. With the simple-to-maintain flooring systems offered by Westcoat, kitchen floor maintenance is simple and fast, one less thing to worry about.


Breweries are quickly becoming the go-to place for date nights and get-togethers. With the rush to serve a growing number of patrons, it is very likely that beverages are going to be spilled. The last thing you want to worry about is a customer or employee slipping and falling in your establishment. Your successful establishment will soon be ensnared in legal troubles and word-of-mouth rumors can negatively affect your business’ reputation.

Brewery floors need not only to be slip-resistant, they need to withstand constant temperature extremes and frequent high-pressure cleanings. Westcoat flooring systems will offer everything needed to ensure your floors are safe and will endure the harshest of treatment.


Everyone loves a nice porch or patio. It is a great place for lounging, barbecuing, and hosting parties. What nobody likes is an unattractive patio with cracks, stains, and damaged areas. As patios are constantly exposed to the elements, a proper protective system is needed. Westcoat flooring systems have been proven to stand the test-of-time, no matter what nature throws at them. Protect your investment and keep your patio looking great with a Westcoat flooring system.

How do you know what systems fit what area?

Westcoat has simplified the process by creating industries and areas within our website that breaks down what system is needed in that area. You can easily find this information in our menu or by visiting our Solutions page.

Once you have identified the system you need, we recommend using our Material Estimator to calculate materials needed based on the square footage of the job site.

We also recommend utilizing system specifications, which can be found on our website here: Spec Sheets

The following tips above will help you to be able to quote a job accurately, if you need further assistance or have questions please contact our Customer Service Team.