Nano Stain

New in SC – Nano Stain

by Cheryl Morgan

  • March 4th, 2019 / 
  • Education,Product Updates,Surface Coat

SC-37 Nano Stain is a water-based color stain using nano technology which allows for deep penetration into concrete. SC-37 allows for an easy one-step application with no neutralization or rinsing necessary. There are no caustic ingredients and are available in 12 colors from neutral to bolds.

Nano Stain is recommended for the following areas:

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The advantages of Nano Stain:

Low Odor
Low Gloss
Deep Penetrating
Easy To Use
Can Be Sealed With Both Solvent and Water-Based Sealers
Colors Can Be Blended
No Rinsing Needed

As with all Westcoat products, SC-37 Nano Stain is covered by a manufacturer warranty. The product is guaranteed for one year from manufacturer date. 

SC-37 Nano Stain can be used in the following systems:

You can also find the color chart here

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