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Benefits of being a Westcoat QCA

by Cheryl Morgan

  • March 11th, 2019 / 
  • Announcements,Education

The Westcoat QCA (Quality Contractor and Applicator) Accreditation brings a number of benefits that improve product lines, enhance organizational credibility, and directly impact both top and bottom line results. The program was developed to qualify a higher quality application force, that Westcoat can refer to property owners, general contractors, and architects.

Leads From Westcoat

Our Inside Sales and Architectural Representatives work with QCAs to land new accounts and opportunities that come through our call center and “digital prospecting” programs.

Project-Specific and Longer Warranties

QCA’s can work with their Westcoat Representative for project specific warranties. This can include a longer warranty or additional coverage for certain products.

Rebate Checks on Purchased Materials

Based on your semi-annual Westcoat product purchases, a QCA can receive from 3% to 5% cash back (maximum of $4,000).

Co-Op Marketing Benefits

If your business is in need of marketing assistance, work with Westcoat to get a better online presence or have us help you with creating marketing materials to advertise with. If you choose to use Co-Op Marketing dollars vs. a rebate, you can receive 6% to 10% based on your semi-annual Westcoat product purchases.

Westcoat photos and branding for use on your campaigns

Contact our marketing department to utilize Westcoat imagery in your upcoming marketing campaigns.

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Fill out our QCA Application, which is a simple PDF and our Sales Coordinator will get back to you within a week of the approval status.