Westcoat Tidalstone

Introducing Tidalstone!

by Michelle

  • April 3rd, 2023 / 
  • Announcements,Epoxy,Product Updates

We are excited to announce the launch of the Tidalstone Flooring System!

Westcoat’s Tidalstone™ is a multi-layered coating system that features our innovative TC-62 Tidalstone™ Aggregate Blends. Simulate the look of terrazzo or polished concrete while providing all the benefits and attributes of resinous flooring.

Tidalstone is perfect for hygienic spaces such as laboratories, healthcare offices, veterinary clinics and anywhere a high end, seamless floor is required.

The combination of ultra fine and oversized particles along with the strength and durability of a polyaspartic topcoat and flat polyurethane sealer create a durable, seamless, low sheen floor.

This system can be installed as a Thin Film or High Build assembly.

System Options

Thin Film Tidalstone Epoxy Coat Flooring System Specification [PDF]

Durable resinous option for creating the look of exposed aggregate flooring like terrazzo or polished concrete.

High Build Tidalstone Flooring System Specification [PDF]

Temper-Crete™ urethane cement base for a high build flooring system.

Color Blend Options

TC-62 Tidalstone Aggregate Blends Color Chart [PDF]