Fixing Rough Concrete at Oil Change Shop

by Michelle

  • January 22nd, 2013 / 
  • Announcements

This oil change service center in Vancouver, WA was in desperate need of a high quality coating system when they contacted Jeff at Bach Custom Coatings.

Year after year the maintenance department had been applying a low grade, thin-mil polyamide epoxy, one coat on top the other. With very limited success they decided it was time to do it right. As Jeff explains: “We degreased the slab thoroughly then diamond ground all of the layers of old epoxy off. “I counted at least five separate layers, but there may have been more.” After chasing and filling the cracks and other imperfections, we applied EC-12 Epoxy Primer and broadcast in 70 mesh sand. We then applied an epoxy slurry using EC-34 Epoxy in Tile Red. We fortified the slurry with aluminum oxide around the top of the “well” where they perform power steering checks. This would provide added wear protection to the surface when the tires are turned from side to side during this steering check. After the slurry had sufficient cure time we applied two coats of EC-95 Polyurethane in Tile Red.” The result is a stunningly beautiful floor that not only looks great, but will last for many years under the extreme conditions it’s subjected to.