Westcoat roof restoration project.

by Michelle

  • December 11th, 2012 / 
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The roof of our 16,500 Sq. Ft warehouse here in San Diego, CA was in a dire need of upgrading. The existing roll roofing was degraded and numerous leaks were present around skylights and other junctions. For this project, we thought it would be advantageous to utilize our newer WP-91 Blue Waterproofing Resin for a cost-effective waterproofing treatment. WP-91 contains higher solids than our standard WP-90, has increased flexibility, better water-resistance and contains no solvents. Once crews had finished surface preparation, they applied WP-47 Fiberlath along all existing seams and cracks. Mixes of WP-91 with TC-1 Basecoat Cement were trowelled over the entire surface. Once cured, SC-10 “White” Acrylic Topcoat was applied for a durable and UV resistant finish. The SC-10 “White” Acrylic Topcoat finish also aids in reducing roof temperatures, thus saving energy costs.