Hot Job from Magnesite Specialties!

by Michelle

  • February 7th, 2013 / 
  • Announcements

The Avalon at Cortez Hill is a high end Apartment complex located in Downtown, San Diego CA.

Westcoat got involved over two years ago with Avalon at Cortez Hill project and the waterproofing of the 22,000 square foot tennis court and basketball deck surfaces over their parking structure. The roofs sports court deck is perched over 10th Avenue as you come into Downtown. This waterproofing project required removal of all old existing coatings that were failing over time. New areas of concrete were poured to level the surface and provide a suitable substrate for a waterproof deck coating.

Another unique aspect to the Avalon project is the pool deck area. The existing coating was failing and needed to be completely removed. The pool deck needed to be re-sloped from 2″ to 0″ in areas to provide the correct drainage of water.The concrete was then repaired with Westcoat’s “Texture-Crete, Custom Finish” system. The system was finished with a unique decorative pattern chosen by Topia Architects. The “Texture-Crete, Custom Finish” system carries a five year warranty and looks spectacular as a new deck coating.

Magnesite Specialties was the company chosen for the application of the new Westcoat “MACoat” waterproof system. The waterproof system was tied into the existing walls and outside edges. The application was unique because the court surface areas were troweled flat with Westcoat’s TC-4 acrylic cement. All the outside areas were finished with a Knock-Down Texture using TC-3 acrylic cement. Special colors of SC-10, Acrylic Topcoat were applied to finish the system with the AVA logo’s.