Slope Mix

New Texture Coat Slope Mix TC-30

by Cheryl Morgan

  • July 25th, 2018 / 
  • Announcements,Product Updates,Texture Coat

TC-30 Slope Mix is a new texture coat slope mix product available from Westcoat. It is a high-strength, trowel grade, single component, polymer modified, and cementitious underlayment material that offers exceptional bond strength and is pre-packaged for quick on-site preparation and use.

Advantages of TC-30 Slope Mix

1. TC-30 Slope Mix utilizes a “just-add-water” formula that is easy to use and cost-effective.
2. It can also be feathered and has good working time.
3. After it sets, it is fire-retardant, has excellent adhesion, and is high-strength.
4. TC-30 Slope Mix sets in 6-8 hours for foot-traffic and 24 hours for full-service and heavy loads. Applicators should also wait 12 hours before applying a topcoat to TC-30 Slope Mix. *

*All drying times are based on a 70°F environment

Cost Saving Solution

Competitively priced, TC-30 Slope mix is designed for use with Westcoat Slope & Patch and Slope Technique Systems. TC-30 Slope mix replaces TC-1, WP-81, and B-23.

Interested in TC-30 Slope Mix?

For information on the nearest distributor contact your local Westcoat Representative or call us at (800) 250-4519.