Westcoat Polyaspartic Topcoat

New Polyaspartic Topcoat Reduces Garage Floor Tire Stains

by Vince Outlaw

  • July 6th, 2018 / 
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EC-102 is Westcoat’s newest fast-drying, high-performance, and polyaspartic topcoat. Originally designed to combat tire staining and plasticizer migration, EC-102 will emerge as a highly-competitive topcoat in the oversaturated polyaspartic marketplace. It has already far surpassed competitor products in comparison testing due to its fast-drying, easy to apply, and chemical resistant formula.

Benefits of Using EC-102 Polyaspartic Topcoat

Businesses and facilities that risk revenue loss from long down-times will benefit from its quick-drying and easy application process. EC-102 can withstand high UV exposure, so it can be used in both interior and exterior locations. EC-102 is specified as the finish coat in moderate chemical environments or in moderate traffic areas. It can be applied over a variety of Westcoat epoxies, such as EC-12 and EC-34 and can also be applied over TC-60 Color Chips and TC-65 Quartz Sand.

Areas for Application

EC-102 can be used on industrial floors, garage floors, decorative floors, restaurant floors, food processing facilities, automotive service areas, airplane hangars, commercial pool decks, or anywhere that a medium-build and high-sheen is desired. Yet, it is ideal for garage and tire service areas, as it designed to combat tire staining.

EC-102 is a two component, 80% solids, polyaspartic topcoat that provides a non-yellowing, high gloss, fast-drying, medium-build finish with outstanding wear resistance. It should only be applied where high-odor & flammable materials are permitted. EC-102 is both USDA and FDA compliant, has low VOC content, is medium viscosity, and is chemically resistant.

All the Benefits and Competitively Priced

Competitively priced, EC-102 is thicker and stronger than typical polyurethane builds and is available as a clear coat or in any of the standard Topcoat Colors.

Hear what our customers have to say…

“We are loving the EC-102. It’s easy to apply with a much-improved pot life. Thank you Westcoat for making this product available for us!” – John, Tulsa Garage Gurus

Interested in EC-102 Polyaspartic Topcoat?

For information on the nearest distributor contact your local Westcoat Representative or call us at (800) 250-4519.