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Make Your Brewery Floor Coating Modern

by Vince Outlaw

  • November 29th, 2017 / 
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Temper-Crete Urethane Cement

Westcoat’s Temper-Crete is a monolithic, flowable urethane cement that can be installed with limited downtime. The Temper-Crete system has an excellent impact, chemical, heat and steam resistant qualities. The Temper-Crete Standard system features an integral color and matte finish and is designed for areas with heavy foot and moderate wheel traffic.


  • USDA/FDA/ADA Compliant
  • Low Odor High Compressive Strength
  • High Build
  • Fast Turnaround Chemical Resistant
  • Heat Resistant

Five colors to choose from

After thorough concrete inspection and preparation concrete should be clean, dry and porous. Cracks should be pre-cut and cleaned. Moisture test will


EC-24 Temper-Crete Resin (3 gallon kit)
TC-02 Smooth Texture Cement (50 lb bag)
TC-45 Dry Pigment (50 gram unit)