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Why You Should Resurface Your Commercial Pool Decks

by Michelle

  • April 8th, 2021 / 
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Concrete is susceptible to wear and tear just like any used surface. It shouldn’t come as no surprise that just like painting vertical walls, you can resurface walking surfaces. Commercial pool decks fall into this category and can be resurfaced in a variety of ways.  

Commercial Pool Deck Problems 

Commercial pool decks can show their age after years of foot trafficConcrete anywhere is prone to cracks and weathering from the elements. Cracks are not only unsightly but can create an environment for dirt to gather and worn concrete can be rough to walk on with bare feet. 

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Solutions Systems Products 

There are three great options for resurfacing a concrete pool deck. First is a cementitious overlays like Texture-Crete and Stamp-It. Second is 11-10 which is perfect for coating and sealing without a textured finish. 

Texture-Crete comes in a variety of finishes including a solar reflective option, perfect for commercial pool decks. Texture-Crete Solar Reflective Finish system meets California Title 24 requirements, helps reduce urban heat island effect and lowers the surface temperature.  


With these pool deck resurfacing systems you will get seamless, decorative and easy to maintain surfaces that with regular maintenance you can enjoy throughout all four seasons. For commercial and multi-family pool decks, inspect every 3-5 years depending on traffic and call your applicator for a clean and reseal. Your maintenance team can reseal the pool deck with a bit of training.



Decorative, Cost-effective, Fast Drying, Low Maintenance, Durable, Available Skid-Resistant Finish, Optional Solvent-Free Installation, Variety of Textures and Patterns, Applied Over Existing Concrete, UV Resistant Options 


Cost-Effective, High Build, Stamped Concrete Look, Optional Skid Resistance, Unlimited Colors, Highly Decorative, Variety of Textures and Patterns, UV Resistant Options 

11-10 System 

Fast Drying, Durable, Water-Based, Easy Clean Up, UV Resistant, Excellent Hide and Color Retention, Enhanced Chemical and Mar Resistance, Skid Resistant Safe Grip Finish Available, Revitalizes Worn Stamped Concrete 

Interested in resurfacing your commercial pool deck? 

To learn more about our commercial pool deck resurfacing systems and custom finishes, visit us at https://www.westcoat.com/areas/pool-deck/ or contact us at (800) 250-4519 to set up a job walk. 


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