Self Education Training Guides Available

by Michelle

  • July 28th, 2020 / 
  • Education

Here at Westcoat we know education is of the utmost importance when it comes to installing our systems. We have created 20 training documents for a self-guided training experience.  

The self-guided trainings are designed to walk you through learning about each one of our systems. This PDF style document contains external links to training videosspec sheetscost templates, color charts, and tools.  

Benefits of our Educational Sets

Our detailed training videos give a step by step visual of how to properly prep the surface, install the system, and share some beauty shots of finished systems.

The specification sheets will allow you to read the system overview plus coverage and component information. The specification sheet is also the most up to date guide for system installation.

Cost templates are working spreadsheets that calculate the amount of product needed for any given system and square footage. These spreadsheets are great tools to have for knowing how much product you need to buy and how to price a job.

The color charts within each Educational SET are the colors available for that system. You will notice that the Topcoat color chart spans many systems and will be on several of our Educational SET guides.

We have also gathered recommended tools lists for each system as a helpful resource for our applicators. 

Getting Started with our Educational SETS

You will need to download the document, saving it to your computer. Once the document is open, briefly read through the document. You will notice there are 4-5 steps followed by a quiz. After you click through and learn about each aspect of the system you will scroll to the second page where there are 10 questions to test your knowledge on the system. 

You can use this for training applicators, distributor representatives, or anyone interested in learning more about the Westcoat systems. 

See the list of available SET below, all guides are located at under SYSTEMS > SELF EDUCATION. 

How to view and download a SET

From the home page, navigate to one of our SYSTEMS, select the system of your choice and scroll down to the “Self Education” button. Click to view and download, save to your computer to get started.



Acid Stain 

ALX Interior 

ALX Standard 


Epoxy Mortar 

Epoxy Slurry 

Fast Stain 

Flex Epoxy 


Liquid Dazzle 

Liquid Granite / Terrazzo 


Nano Stain 

Solar Reflective Finishes 


TC Interior 



Thin Film 

Water-Based Stain