Maintenance and Warranties: What you need to know.

by Michelle

  • October 15th, 2020 / 
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General Warranty

Westcoat product warranties range from 1 to 5 years depending on a variety of factors. For our 5 to 20-year warranties to apply, the installer must be a QCA (Qualified Contractor Applicator), and systems installed per our specifications.  

For warranty information, customers can contact the applicator who installed the system. Applicators can contact their local Westcoat rep for more information on getting a Warranty for a job. 

If there is a product failure, Westcoat will either provide a replacement for the defective material or reimburse the original purchaser in an amount not to exceed the original cost of the material. 

Limitations to our warranties include moisture, cracks, waterproofing, maintenance, loss of gloss or fading, normal wear & tearnegative effects caused by use of competing for brand material. 

General Warranty for Westcoat Systems 

General Product Warranty 

ALX System 5 Years 

MACoatTM System 

Dubro Quartz System 

Epoxy Mortar System 

Epoxy System 

Liquid Dazzle® System 

Liquid Granite System 

Temper-Crete System 

Thin Film System 

Texture-Crete® System 

General Maintenance for Coatings 

Like anything else that requires maintenance, you will want to establish a schedule for your decorative coating. Regular cleaning with a broom and water works well for weekly cleaning. Neutral cleaning agents or mild degreasers work well for any grime build-up. Mild scrubbing or low psi pressure washing may be used for deep cleaning as well as diluted vinegar solutions. Always be sure to rinse any residue with water.  

Depending on the original gloss level, interior surfaces will develop scratches over time. An application of urethane floor finish or wax will bring new luster to floors that have dulled or become scratched. You may wax or burnish in a similar manner as any hard surface flooring.  

For industrial epoxy flooring with heavier abuse such as commercial kitchens, garage floors, or warehouses, a maintenance program should be specified by the installer. This should include inspections, repair, and maintenance cycles. 

After 2-5 years, a “Reseal” (pressure washed and reapplication of Westcoat Topcoat) may be required. For more specific Westcoat product maintenance, you may reference specification sheets on the website. Please contact your installer or Westcoat for specific recommendations and refinishing techniques. 

Did you know ALX Pro Waterproofing System can have up to a 20- year Warranty?

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Being a Westcoat QCA (Qualified Contractor / Applicator) has its benefits, one of them includes extended warranties. Click on the link to learn more about becoming a QCA and our warranties.