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Why Westcoat is the Solution Provider for Architects

by Cheryl Morgan

  • May 26th, 2020 / 
  • Education

Architects have a lot on their hands. Responsible for a wide range of duties and projects, these folks have hefty investments at the tips of their fingers. One thing we as providers can do to smooth out the process for busy architects is to easily and efficiently offer architect solutions in the blink of an eye.

There are many things businesses can do to effectively partner with architects and contribute to their large success. Here are some ways we do it!

Be Available Start to Finish

How likely are you to use a service that was hard to understand and navigate through? Feeling frustrated and confused are not feelings you want to feel while working diligently on your project. Having a representative who is local to your area and expertly versed in their products and systems is key to success. Westcoat reps are available from the first encounter through the final project’s completion and a maintenance plan is formulated. Have a project that was completed several years ago? We can help you through that as well!

Offer Samples

Most product manufacturers offer samples of some variety. But what about going that extra mile? Are you still unsure about color choice after viewing small samples? We offer to make larger samples so you can visualize your outcome on a larger scale. If you are uncertain of the shade, we can create samples with a slightly bolder and slightly muted color options so you can see the range of color available. We can also offer custom Architect Sample Boxes for your office in Division 07 and Division 09 to quickly view your Westcoat options – Ask us about them!

Provide Custom Submittals

If your project is one that needs some customization, specification sheets and generic submittal packages may not fit your needs. This is when your rep can step in, work their magic, and create a custom submittal package that caters to your specific solution.

Solid Subcontractor References

After the project is specified by the architect, then what? How does the architect know that the subcontractor picked for the job knows how to correctly install the system or materials? As a solutions provider, you should be able to highly recommend a few different applicators to perform the installation. Having a program in place to qualify and train applicators to then recommend for installations is a great idea. A program like our Qualified Contractor Applicator program allows us to confidently recommend installers to perform the work for you, worry-free!

Custom Warranties

Do you need to specify a system that requires a longer warranty than a general product warranty? Being able to provide solutions to cater to this is a huge benefit. Working with the architect to create a system that can fall under these specific warranties can open doors to success. With our expert knowledge of our products and systems, we can work together to formulate a custom plan to fit your warranty necessities.

Options for Every Budget

Maybe the proposed solution is way out of your budget. Don’t run away! We can help formulate a plan for every budget and will be honest and trustworthy when choosing the best products based on your individual project scope. We understand not every space is the same, and what may work on one project may not work on the other. We are here to help fill the gaps and stick to your budget!

Great Customer Service

From the initial phone call to our offices to every email you receive, we have one job – to help you! We understand the frustrations of trying to contact a product manufacturer, and we strive to be different. From a knowledgeable Inside Sales staff to get you connected, to decades of technical expertise available to answer all your technical questions anytime your representative may be temporarily unavailable, there is always someone here for you!

Interested in learning more about our Architect Resources? Let’s get connected!

Have an upcoming Project?

Do you have an upcoming project that needs a flooring solution? Reach out to our skilled Westcoat experts to help guide you to the right choice for your facility, providing information about the manufactured product, installation process, as well as maintenance after install and warranty details. The floor you choose should be formulated for the conditions of your space, allowing your operation to run smoothly for many years.

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