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Discover WP Wrap Waterproofing Reinforcement

by Michelle

  • December 15th, 2022 / 
  • Product Updates,Waterproofing

WP Wrap

Westcoat’s WP Wrap is a supplemental waterproofing system used to provide additional waterproofing with reinforcement, along the perimeter of decks, over flashing and other challenging areas.

The wrap incorporates an asphalt-modified latex, elastomeric WP-95 Waterproofing Membrane, with a flexible engineered WP-45 Flashing Fabric, to create a seamless, reinforced waterproofing membrane.

What systems can you use it with?

Westcoat WP Wrap can be used in tandem with the ALX™ and MACoat™ waterproofing systems when additional waterproofing or reinforcement is


Seamless and Flexible Material Resists Tearing
Excellent Adhesion Properties
Maintains Elastomeric Properties at Low Temperatures
Reduces Reflective Cracking
High Tensile Strength