Original Coatings – Winner of our WP Photo Contest

by Michelle

  • October 27th, 2014 / 
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Marek of Original Coatings in Broomfield Colorado won our WP Photo Contest with 152 votes! This contest was close at the end but Marek’s photo stayed in the lead through most of the voting period.

Marek’s job description: This is a 1200 square foot west facing deck on a brand new residential home in Fort Collins Colorado. We worked quickly and thoroughly in the early mornings before the sun got too hot. After waterproofing the deck other trades came in to finish the stone work and the painting, etc. Next we came back in to install the textured tile pattern with the stain and sealer.

A dark border divides the deck in three sections and follows the entire perimeter to give the deck a nice custom touch along with the three tile sizes in a random pattern.  The lighter colors will prevent the surface from becoming too hot. This deck was done for a builder that knows and likes the ALX system – he built the deck knowing this Westcoat system would be going over it.

ALX Custom System over plywood with slip resistant texture finish:

  • Grout TC-2 with Smoke Liquid Colorant,
  • Border TC-2 with Bark Liquid Colorant,
  • Tile pattern TC-2 with Straw Liquid Colorant
  • Water-based stain SC-35X in a light Mahogany and
  • Sealed with SC-70 clear Acrylic Lacquer Sealer

Honorable Mention chosen by Westcoat Staff:

ALX deck by Eric of Waterworks AZ:
Thank you to all of the great entries!