Material Calculator for Project Planning

by Michelle

  • June 14th, 2022 / 
  • Announcements,Education

“How Much Will I Need?”

We get that question a lot. Our Material Calculator is essentially an estimating tool that can be used to help with job costs.

Easily eliminate the guesswork associated with the purchasing your Westcoat materials. The Material Estimator is a simple tool that will tell you approximately how much material to purchase for any Westcoat system.

material calculator

How big is your job?

Navigate to the Material Estimator button in the main menu. From there, select your product and enter the square-footage.

material calculator

Print and go!

The estimator will calculate the amount of primer, color coat, stain, and top coat needed for the job. It even offers printer-friendly options or you can save to your phone for quick access.

Not sure where to start?

Use the “Discover Your System” tool and you will be directed to a webpage that will tell you exactly what you need.

Still not sure or have questions about our material calculator? A Westcoat representative is always available for help. Do not hesitate to call or email.

Read More about this Helpful Tool here.