Waterproof deck for Scottsdale restaurant

by Michelle

  • November 17th, 2015 / 
  • Announcements

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Scottsdale Arizona was in need of a waterproofing system for their 5,000 square foot restaurant deck. Known for their delicious food and drink, this busy restaurant requested the job be done in phases so it could remain open during the installation.

RoofUSA was the applicator that won the bid to install the Macoat fiberlath waterproofing system. This was a standard installation but the applicator chose to use a spreader rather than a trowel which resulted in a uniform finish despite the install being done in sections.


Westcoat’s MACoat System is a fiberlath-reinforced deck system installed with a series of two or three separate waterproof acrylic applications, and sealed with Westcoat SC-10 Acrylic Topcoat. The finished product weighs approximately one pound per square foot. MACoat is breathable and allows vapor to pass as opposed to traditional urethane coatings.


The MACoat System is mainly used on elevated concrete and non-fire rated plywood walking decks. MACoat is designed for balconies, corridors, stairs, and landings. It is regularly specified for homes, hotels, condominiums, apartments, and office buildings. In many cases it can be applied over existing deck systems to provide an excellent method for the rehabilitation of problem surfaces.


  • Class A Fire Rating (over concrete)
  • Meets AC-39 Standards for Walking Decks
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Fast Access After Installation
  • Choice of Colors and Textures
  • Tough Final Coat is UV Resistant
  • Safe Skid Resistant Textured Finish
  • Environmentally Safe Acrylics
  • Waterproof
  • Optional Finishes


WP-26 Flashing
WP-51 Polyurethane Sealant
EC-72 Epoxy Patch Paste (½ and 2 gallon kits)
WP-47 Fiberlath (475 sq ft per roll, 38 in. x 150 ft.)
WP-47-3 Seam Tape (3 inch)
WP-90 Waterproofing Resin (1 and 5 Gallon pails)
WP-81 Cement Modifier (1 and 5 Gallon pails)
TC-1 Basecoat Cement (50 lb. Bags)
TC-3 Medium Texture Cement (50 lb. Bags)
SC-10 Acrylic Topcoat (1 and 5 gallon pails)