Hot Job! Fast Stain

by Michelle

  • July 7th, 2009 / 
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Rayson Shizuru with Nevada Concrete Coatings installed this beautiful stain job in Nevada using Westcoat’s SC-36 Fast Stain in Brown and Light Brown. Rayson used Westcoat’s CA-60 Grout Tape to create grout lines and used an HVLP gravity feed spray, instead of masking, for precice color application. Rayson, who has sucessfully applied Westcoat’s Fast Stains on several projects says that “Playing around with the dilution ratios of the fast stain is a great way to come up with additional colors. Just be sure to document your new ratios!” The system was sealed with Westcoat’s EC-95 Polyurethane Topcoat for a durable, glossy finish. Flawless!