ALX Custom Waterproof Deck for Parade of Homes

by Michelle

  • February 25th, 2015 / 
  • Announcements

A and A Contracting of Washington shared this Parade of Homes job with us from Vancouver. The owner, Jeremy, used our ALX Custom Waterproof Deck system which beautifully finished off this outdoor space. The muted grays in the deck along with the brick walls is a sharp but welcome contrast to the beautifully landscaped surroundings. Waterproofing a deck like this can prevent damage done by rain which they know a lot about in the Pacific Northwest. ALX can be customized with our Water-Based Stains in an almost endless variety of color combinations to compliment any architectural style.

ALX Custom Finish is a waterproof walking deck system. It is reinforced with metal lath and is installed with a series of four to five separate polymer-modified cementitious applications, and sealed with one of Westcoat’s clear sealers. The ALX Custom Finish can have look and feel of slate, flagstone or tile and comes in an array of Water-Based Stain colors.

Water-Based Stain eliminates the need for rinsing or neutralizing. Water-Based Stain does not contain caustic ingredients and can be used as an alternative to solvent and acid-based stains. Ideal for stamped concrete rejuvenation or adding color to plain or old concrete, Water-Based Stain is designed for use with most Westcoat overlay systems and can be used over many other acrylics.