Why you should become a QCA

by Michelle

  • March 25th, 2021 / 
  • Education

Not only do our QCAs (Qualified Contractor Applicator) receive great benefits like rebate checks and marketing support but now we have someone working directly with our loyal applicators.  

Kelsey Hughes has been with Westcoat since 2016 working first in customer service and then joining our marketing team. She has been a great asset as she was quick to pick up the technical side of things. QCAs can work directly with Kelsey for renewals, warranties and leads.  

Another great reason for you to become a QCA is to take advantage of our large network of property owners, general contractors and architects.  

And finally, we have a new promotion for our QCAs, throughout the year we will be choosing applicators to highlight on our website. This is great free exposure especially for our applicators with a small marketing budget.

To become a QCA, simply fill out the application. We will review and get back to you with your new status, a certificate and a special package will be delivered to you. 

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