Concrete Craftsman Combines Natural Elements for Custom Creations

by Vince Outlaw

  • November 27th, 2017 / 
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A True Concrete Craftsman

Here is a really beautiful job from one our applicators, Buzz Evans at Craftsmanship Workshop. Buzz is a true craftsman who uses Westcoat to create one of a kind custom work in homes around southern California.

For these custom creations he is using all Westcoat products and none of the typical countertop mixes you find at the big box stores.

Take a closer look and you can see the natural elements Buzz includes in his work. Concrete countertops are completely customizable and can be seeded with almost anything: glass, shells, rocks, etc. For this particular job you can see that the customer wanted to use shells and once ground down the inner spiral and true beauty of the shell really stands out.


He starts with a plywood substrate and applies the ALX metal lath, wrapping it over the edge. Then he applies the TC-25 or the TC-26 at approx ½” thick into the lath. Then he micro tops it with TC-0 as many coats as needed. Then sands the surface. Then he stains the surfaces with WB stain (Typically airbrushing everything) and then has been using the EC-96 to seal the surfaces.

The custom shower is TC-4 and TC-0, water-based stains and EC-96.

A true artisan in the business, we look forward to sharing more work from Buzz in the future!