Product Update: Improved TC-40 Colorant in New 16oz Size

by Michelle

  • July 19th, 2017 / 
  • Announcements

We are excited to announce that Westcoat’s TC-40 colorant has been reformulated and repackaged and is ready to be shipped.

The improvements and changes that we have made are:

  • Increased Shelf Life
    • Especially with regards to settling
  • Improved Product Robustness
    • Mixes into Westcoat cements evenly and trowels out with ease
  • New 16oz size
    • Price list is attached
  • Colors: Bark, Cinnamon, Clay, Peach, Straw, Smoke, Yellow, Raw Umber
    • Removed Green and added Raw Umber

The new color chart represents colors when mixed at 3/4 oz and 2 oz per 50 lbs for tonal reference.

Consistency of the product should be maintained from start to finish. Please AVOID using the old and new formulations together on the same project, although much will be mitigated when staining over using SC-35 WB Stain. We will have some stock of the old formula during the transition.

As always it is strongly recommended that a sample be approved by the customer before starting the application. The final color will vary based on the color of the cement and the amount of colorant.