New Westcoat Representative

Welcome Joanne to the Westcoat Team

by Michelle

  • October 1st, 2020 / 
  • Announcements

It is our utmost pleasure to introduce Joanne as our newest Northern California Architectural Representative.

Joanne’s Experience

After growing up in New Jersey, Joanne then moved to Baltimore at 25 and eventually found her way to California in 2010. where she now resides in the East Bay.

At 19 years old, Joanne began her career in the construction industry at GAF Materials Corp doing inside sales for single ply roofing. She then pivoted to the distribution side of the business where she learned and supported multiple manufacturer product lines. Understanding grew to interest – specifically in waterproofing – and after 21 years, she cannot imagine herself relating to any other facet of the industry.

Experience She Will Bring to Westcoat

Since day one, Joanne has truly enjoyed working in sales. Her mother always told her “If you find something you love to do and it makes you smile, don’t let it go.” Staying focused on sales has amplified her love of people, the building industry and ultimately working with a group of people to achieve the same goal.

Joanne will bring a wide array customer service experience, waterproofing knowledge and eagerness to learning Westcoat. She enjoys a hands-on approach to teaching and looks forward to educating contractors, distributors and working with architects.

Joanne’s Extra-Curricular Activities

A historic cabin restoration project in Forest City keeps Joanne busy in her spare time. She has always had a passion for restoring old furniture or making something out of nothing.

She also enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking and just about anything outdoors.

Please join us in giving Joanne a warm welcome to the “Westcoat Team!”