New Temper-Crete Kit Sizes and Formula

by Cheryl Morgan

  • April 2nd, 2019 / 
  • Education,Epoxy,New Products

Westcoat is excited to announce the new Temper-Crete line with improved formula and kit sizes. Please read below, to learn about the systems and existing stock.

How does the new Temper-Crete formula differ from our existing?

Increased working time – Westcoat has increased the overall working time of the Temper-Crete Mix. This will help provide the applicator with additional time to get the material out on the floor, placed and allow for greater ease of application, as compared to the stock material.

TC-24 Mix Design – Westcoat has modified the overall mix, with a more balanced ratio of ingredients to complement the EC-24 resin and hardener. We have shifted over to a single 40 lb “C” addition (as opposed to the previous TC-2 + B-125) to help simplify and expedite the mixing process. This will help with the shipping and ordering of materials. The new mix, accompanied by the updated EC-24 kit size, allows for ease of application, good flow, and leveling, as well as mixing. (Can take place in a 5-gallon vessel)

New EC-24 Packaging– Westcoat has transitioned over to a jug-style container for our EC-24 Resin and Hardener. These containers are easier to ship and will help reduce the chance of damage during transit.

Updated Finishes– Westcoat has worked to improve the overall finish of the Temper-Crete system. The finish is noticeably less porous and will help promote a surface that is easier to clean. In addition, the new mix design has an improved bubble breaking ability, resulting in less overall pinholes and surface defects.

What if I have an existing product of EC-24 Temper-Crete?

We recommend you use your existing stock. When reordering from your distributor, please keep the new Temper-Crete kits separate from the existing as they are not interchangeable.

Advantages of Temper-Crete Systems

USDA/FDA/ADA Compliant
Thermal Shock Resistant
Low Odor
High Compressive Strength
High Build
Chemical Resistant
Heat Resistant
Temper-Crete Product Release Guide

Please review the Temper-Crete Product / System Specification. This guide will educate you on the system overviews, shelf life, coverages, and advantages.

Coming Soon

Improved Temper-Crete Trowel Down System (formerly Temper-Crete Industrial)
Improved Temper-Crete Cove System