Hunting Season! by Paul Koury

by Michelle

  • November 16th, 2009 / 
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I am not talking about shooting Bambi, I am talking about finding customers! Nothing against my industry friends that hunt, but finding new business is my favorite sport.

Many of us in the construction industry found ourselves here because we chose to be tradesmen as opposed to a myriad of other choices like being in sales. So us tradesmen set out to work in the field and after several years, some of us moved into management (somewhat sales related), estimating (aka sales) or even running our own businesses (aka sales). The trouble I see, is that most of sales conducted in construction is waiting for business or cycles that are very unpredictable. The idea of actually creating business, or being in sales was foreign to many of us.

So the hunting or selling which I am referring to, involves all the planning that a real hunting trip does. Much preparation goes into a hunting trip, and so does prep for the “sales hunt”. One needs to locate where to hunt or sell based on some qualifications. Next a plan based on a proven method needs to be put in place, and then one can set out and go for the kill. But to go for the kill you must have in your heart and soul that you are a hunter. There are many great sales books; one of my favorites recently was given to me by Westcoat rep Marc Dizinno. It is called, How To Become A Rainmaker by Jeffery J Fox. The Rainmaker, with the obvious analogy to making rain is an easy read and touches on various aspects of selling and creating business. It even has a short chapter on being a hunter.

In my opinion, the most important part is the attitude. A good attitude will help you prepare and help you execute. Most of all, remember what your job is, you are a hunter, a rainmaker, a salesperson. Investing some time in learning how to more effectively sell is a very sound investment. One that will not only help you during this slower construction cycle, but help position you for when things recover, and they will. But do you want to wait…or go hunting for some business.