Hot Job! Moxie Java, Las Vegas

by Michelle

  • April 21st, 2009 / 
  • Announcements

In Las Vegas, a new Moxie Java Coffeehouse was in need of a flooring solution that matched the elegance of real granite or marble, without the added cost. Contractor Rayson Shizuru and his team from Nevada Concrete Coatings were chosen to perform the installation of a surface coating that would achieve this desired look.

Rayson started by diamond polishing the concrete in the dining area to 1600 grit. Westcoat’s Fast Stain “Black” was applied directly to the concrete, neat and diluted 4:1 in a checkered pattern (shown right), to achieve a look similar to the Lamborghini show room at the Wynn Casino. The surface was then densified and burnished to create a polished finish.

In the kitchen area, Westcoat’s Epoxy Gel was used to fill in the joints in order to meet USDA standards. The area was then coated with TC-8 Cement to create an even surface before the application of the Fast Stain. Finally, the system was sealed with EC-12 and EC-95 to create a durable but decorative finish.

“I believe we exceeded the owner’s (Wade and Cheryl Yeeley’s) expectations.”, says Rayson. “They were not familiar with polished concrete or the use of overlays in conjunction with clear epoxies.” Rayson and his team were faced with some job challenges, such as time constraints and working near other trades however, they were able to create the high-end decorative look that the owners wanted, without the cost of real stone.