Hot Job! Harrison Homes by P&D in Washington State

by Michelle

  • May 21st, 2009 / 
  • Announcements

If anyone knows about the difficulties of application due to unfavorable weather conditions it’s the contractors of the Pacific Northwest.

The key here is they are modifying the cement for the temperature to make the process go smoother in the cold wet conditions. They are using Biodiesel for fuel in the heaters with lots and lots of air movement. They are cutting the stone strips thinner to make a custom grout line.

The applicator, Shaun of P&D Contractors Northwest, said

“I put heaters out on the deck after having them running at the doors for about 30 minutes to cure the SC-70. Worked great. You can see how I use heaters (running on biodiesel) and fans to move across the surface and cure coats during cold weather.”