Congratulations Leggari Construction ~ Epoxy Photo Contest WINNER!

by Michelle

  • January 20th, 2014 / 
  • Announcements

Wow! The EC photo contest came and went and we finally have a winner!  This Liquid Dazzle job was entered by Tylor Svangren of Leggari Construction in Kennewick, Washington and won with 149 votes!

Tylor shared some of his experience and techniques working with Liquid Dazzle for this job:

First, this job needed to be done in one week. The house is 3,300 square feet and the home owner wanted the three bedrooms done in different metallic colors than the main floor. We diamond grinded the whole house with a walk behind grinder and used a 7″ cup wheel on all the edges with a vacuum attached at all times. There was 600 linear feet of saw cuts we cleaned and filled with a flexible crack filler and grinded smooth. After the floors and cracks were prepped we used an auto scrubber to clean the floors. The next day we two coats of Westcoat EC-12 Epoxy Primer.  The next day we sanded the floor lightly removing any thing on the surface that would show in the metallic epoxy coating and vacuumed the floor two times after that we mopped the floor two times with a mop and acetone instead of water to make sure the floor is clean and free of any contaminants that could effect the metallic coating.  After that we applied the Westcoat Liquid Dazzle metallic epoxy to the main floor and then the bedrooms in different colors. We used cardboard at the door threshold to separate the different colors and would pull the card board once we had the metallic epoxy on both sides. This would allow the different colors to flow into each other and would create a straight line. We had six people when we did the metallic epoxy coating: two people were mixing and one person was running the epoxy to the two guys applying it while one guy was doing the effects and bubble control.

Thank you to all of our applicators who entered very beautiful job photos! We are already looking forward to our next photo contest for the SC Season. Stay tuned!