Pebble Epoxy Flooring for Entire Home

by Michelle

  • January 27th, 2012 / 
  • Announcements

Here we have another Hot Job! from Evan at Alternative Surfaces in Portland Oregon.

Here is what Evan had to say of this unique Epoxy Pebble job, here is a recent EC-84 install along the Oregon Coast on a very nice modern home. We have used a similar material for our clients Portland home also. We installed over concrete board (screwed and glued) in the bathrooms, taped the seams, primed with EC-84 and broadcast sand.

They then had radiant heating mats installed over the surface and we troweled our stone down directly on top of that for a nice warm walk. The main areas were installed on concrete floors which were profiled by grinding.

We installed a border around the main living areas and along the interior swimming pool for added effect. The curbing in the bathroom was achieved with Westcoat cove gel as were the steps to the kitchen and then extended it to the interior swimming pool. The clients wanted continuity throughout the house and chose a resin bonded aggregate finish in the main living areas, kitchen, bathrooms and bathrooms.

They said: “It’s probably the single things that everyone comments on. It looks like carpeting, but it’s not. It’s tiny pebbles that are put in a matrix – sort of like a rustic terrazzo. And it’s wonderful to walk on, because it adds just a little massaging action to your bare feet”.

Thanks for sharing this Hot Job! Evan, this is definitely not something we see everyday!