7 Tips to Navigate the Westcoat Website

by Cheryl Morgan

  • February 15th, 2018 / 
  • Announcements

After using the Westcoat’s website for several years, utilizing the new website can be overwhelming to navigate. If you are a frequent user of our website, here are a few tips we would like to point out.

Tip 1: The new website can be used from any device as its mobile friendly.

When using a mobile device, the menu may look different from what you are used to on a desktop. Below are a few images that will walk you thru our navigation menu.

The navigation is now done via these three bars that will expand to the full menu with a touch of your fingertip. No more scrolling left to right, everything will resize to your device.

The second image gives you an overview of the main navigation, once an option is chosen, it will give you more options based on the choice. For example, if you choose systems, it would bring up the four categories, depicted in image three and if you choose “waterproofing” it would bring up the systems that fit that category.

Tip 2: Find the information you need based on the system of your choice, in one easy place.

Systems have been broken down by category. You can easily click on the systems page and see images, product specifications, color charts, a process sample, and more in one easy place.

Tip 3: Westcoat’s Material Estimator

The Material Estimator can be found under resources. The calculator is a great resource to calculate the amount of materials you may need for a project. It takes out the guess-work and allows you to order exactly what you need based off of the square footage. This will save you time and labor.

Click Here to access the Material Estimator, or click on the Resource Navigation Menu and then the Material Estimator icon, as shown below.

The Material estimator is simple to use, click on the system in the drop-down menu, enter in your square footage and the calculator will do the rest.

Tip 4: QCA Corner

Everything you need to become a QCA or if you’re an existing QCA is in one easy place for you. Click on the “Who We serve” tab and then the “Hey Applicators” icon. Here you will find the following:

  • General QCA Inquires
  • QCA Application
  • Benefits of becoming a QCA
  • Warranty Request
  • New Co-Op Rebate Form

Tip 5: Submittal Packages for Architects

When your flooring project is in the pre-design or design phase, our Architectural Representative can work with you to narrow down the extensive Westcoat product line. This way, you only see the systems suitable for the job at hand and within your budget. You can access the downloadable architectural specifications, or request that we create a custom spec at no charge to meet your client’s unique needs here:

Click on the Who We Serve tab and then the Architect Icon

Once you’re on the Architect page, you can find submittal packages, LEED credits and more.

Tip 6: Training Videos

As an applicator, it is important to have access to the online training videos of our systems. We have compiled and categorized them by W.E.S.T. You can find all of the training videos here:

Tip 7: Solutions for your Next Project

Not sure what system fits your project? Maybe your wondering all the Industries Westcoat has applications for. We now offer you solutions based on industry and area you are working in.