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100% Solids
Fast Curing




Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems releases a new improved topcoat formula with their EC-101 polyaspartic topcoat. Replacing their EC-100, EC-101 is a 100% solids polyaspartic topcoat that proves to be a favorite among applicators and customers alike.

EC-101 requires fewer coats with its high-build and creates less bubbles due to its short drying time. It levels out smoothly and is extremely durable. improved chemical resistance handles solvent attack and is perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. It has no or low VOCs, depending on color, and is non-flammable. It is especially effective with paint chips or quartz, where a high build clear top coat is needed to maintain the variegated look.

Whether it is on a residential or commercial garage floor, airplane hangar, rooftop deck or the floor of your local sushi restaurant, EC-101 is the all-around topcoat solution. Westcoat’s EC-101 is available in clear and pigmented and is available at various distributors. Contact Westcoat for more details and stocking locations.

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UV Stable
USDA and FDA Compliant
Chemical Resistant


EC-11 Water-Based Epoxy is a premium quality two-component, chemical resistant, long pot life epoxy coating.

It provides epoxy toughness, medium gloss and durability with the convenience of a water-based system.

EC-11 is designed to be used on concrete, metal, masonry or wood where a tough, chemical resistant finish is needed. EC-11 is recommended for use as a concrete
sealer or as a seal coat over Texture Crete Systems.
Used on industrial floors in factories, restaurant kitchens, schools, hospitals, food processing, garage floors, dairies,
and warehouses. When thinned, this product works well as a primer under most other systems.

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UV Stable
Low Maintenance
Chemical Resistant
Interior or Exterior Use


Westcoat’s new SC-67 water-based, polyurethane sealer bridges the gap between high gloss and matte sealers.

This product provides properties equal to that of traditional urethanes with fewer health and environmental concerns, and is USDA and FDA complaint.

The UV, mar, and chemical resistant nature of this product will cause it to outperform most other types of sealers.

Use on decorative floors, garage floors, industrial floors, restaurant floors and automotive service areas. Apply SC-67 as a sealer over plain concrete, Texture-Crete, SC-10 Acrylic Topcoat, stained concrete flooring and textured epoxy coatings.

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Fast Drying
High Strength 
Can Be Polished

Westcoat TC-29 Concrete Patch is a specially formulated proprietary cement blend that is used to patch and fill holes, spawls and minor cracks for interior concrete floors.


TC-29 provides a quick drying, patching method for interior concrete floors. 

It is designed to be used in concert with Westcoat Acid Stain, Water-Based Stain, Fast Stain Systems and most concrete polishing systems.

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