Tile Match for New Resort in Hawaii

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Flooring for Hawaii Hotel Renovation | westcoat.com

Project: Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort

Applicator: Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co

Size: 14,500 square feet

System: Water-Based Stain Grind Stain and Seal


The newly built Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort boasts being “where heaven and aloha meet”. Located on Maui, the hotel needed to have a solution that matched an adjacent tile floor. Unsure of which direction to go in terms of flooring and color, Victor with CanDo Supply was set on acid stain but came to Marc Di Zinno with a tile sample for some insight. Marc brought the tile samples back to Westcoat headquarters for some brainstorming.

After mocking up a few systems and colors, Marc decided that Water-Based Stain Grind and Seal in Shale was going to match their tile and complete the space. The GC on the job, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company (HDCC) agreed with the choice. After learning more about the Water-Based Stain Grind Stain Seal system, the crew at HDCC was confident in installing it.

Water-Based Stain Grind, Stain and Seal was installed on all walkways, corridors, kiosk areas, restaurant floors and gift shops for a total of 14,500 square feet. For a nice build and some slip resistance, the floor was finally sealed with SC-66 WB Polyurethane Sealer with a CA-30 Safe Grip broadcast.


Flooring for Hawaii Hotel Renovation | westcoat.com
Flooring for Hawaii Hotel Renovation | westcoat.com

Flooring for Hawaii Hotel Renovation | westcoat.com

Flooring for Hawaii Hotel Renovation | westcoat.com


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Waterproof Deck for Houston Hot Spot

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Waterproof Terrace for Restaurant | westcoat.com

Hungry’s Café

1500 square feet

MACoat Custom


Nestled in the beautiful district of Houston’s Rice Village is Hungry’s Café, a restaurant serving a diverse array of international cuisines.

Designed by architect Jim Herd at Collaborative Projects our MACoat Custom was specified for the 1500 square foot upstairs bar and lounge.  Surrounded by oak trees, this new outdoor space brought an airiness to the 40-year-old restaurant.

Westcoat QCA, Custom Concrete Coatings were the applicators on this fast track project. The restaurant continued to operate in its original space while this new building was being built right next door.

With the existing building scheduled to be demolished to provide parking, the schedule to complete the deck was tight. Custom Concrete Coatings was up to the challenge.

The space is an elevated concrete cantilevered terrace which serves as an outdoor dining space for Hungry’s Café. The MACoat Custom system was specified to provide waterproofing to the deck and have a decorative finish.

Waterproof Terrace for Restaurant | westcoat.com

The concrete was prepped by grinding and then primed with EC-11 Epoxy Primer followed by the waterproofing components of the MACoat system including WP-47 Fiberlath, TC-1 Base Coat cement and WP-90 Waterproofing Membrane.

For the decorative aspect, TC-2 Smooth Texture slurry coat with TC-40 Liquid Colorant in Smoke was troweled down as a base then again in a skip trowel texture. The surface was then sealed with SC-65 Water-Based Polyurethane Sealer which included an CA-31 Safe Grip broadcast for slip resistance.

Looking for a fully customizable waterproofing solution for your deck? Contact us today for more information about our full line of surface solutions.

Waterproof Terrace for Restaurant | westcoat.com   Waterproof Terrace for Restaurant | westcoat.com

Waterproof Terrace for Restaurant | westcoat.com


Learn more about the MACoat Custom system here.


Contact Westcoat | 800-250-4519

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Waterproof Roof Deck with Custom Design

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Waterproof Roof Deck with Custom Design | westcoat.com



The Avalon at Cortez Hill is a high-end apartment complex located in beautiful downtown San Diego, CA. This featured project required waterproofing over 22,000 square feet of decking including an outdoor lounge area, tennis court and basketball deck surface atop the property parking structure.

To begin, all existing coatings on the deck were removed. The coating was failing causing leaks, puddles and unsightly surfaces. New areas of concrete were then poured to level the surface and provide a suitable substrate for a durable and decorative waterproof deck coating.

Applicator Magnesite Specialties of San Diego installed Westcoat’s MACoat waterproof system, tying it into existing walls and outside edges to ensure superior waterproofing advantages. The court surfaces were troweled flat with Westcoat’s TC-4 acrylic cement. All outside areas were finished with a knockdown texture using TC-3 acrylic cement. Westcoat SC-10 Acrylic Topcoat was applied to complete the system.

The property’s pool deck also needed restoration. This deck needed to be resloped from 2″ to 0″ in areas to provide the correct drainage of water. The concrete was then repaired with Westcoat’sTexture-Crete Custom Finish system. The system was finished with a unique decorative pattern chosen by Topia Architects. Westcoat’s Texture-Crete Custom Finish system offers a five year warranty and looks spectacular as a decorative, high-end coating option.

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Designer Epoxy for Wine Parlor

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Designer Epoxy for Wine Parlor | westcoat.com

Cuvée Spirit & Wine Parlor

Located in Fresno, California, Cuvée Spirit & Wine Parlor is a popular, trendy restaurant and bar where patrons go for a unique experience. With over 1400 square feet of concrete flooring, the owners wanted something dynamic and colorful throughout the venue. Thomas Villasana of A-Plus Concrete Construction chose Westcoat Liquid Dazzle to do the job.

To achieve this eye-catching design, the applicator first prepped by removing all carpet, tile and linoleum followed by grinding the floor and crack repair. Once the cracks were filled, the floor was ground flush and cleaned with degreaser and tri-sodium phosphate, then primed.

Next, Westcoat’s premier metallic epoxy, Liquid Dazzle, was applied in chartreuse to complement the innovative design of the restaurant. Application technique called “Dazzle Effects” was then facilitated while the chartreuse coat was still wet. Marine Dazzle was trailed through the base color, creating a flowing, playful, one-of-a-kind effect. After 24 hours, Westcoat EC-95 Polyurethane Topcoat was applied to heighten performance and durability.

Please contact your local sales rep for more information on Westcoat Liquid Dazzle and the Dazzle Effects technique.

Designer Epoxy for Wine Parlor | westcoat.com

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Decorative Interior Concrete with Water-Based Stains

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Decorative Interior Concrete with Water-Based Stains | westcoat.com


Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems not only function well and look great in commercial spaces but homeowners can also enjoy our decorative coatings for their living spaces. With over 2,200 sq/ft of worn carpet, this private residence in Lincoln, California was in need of a transformation.

To create this unique floor, Spartan Concrete Coatings of Roseville, CA began by removing all carpet and patching the existing, severely cracked concrete. Following, Westcoat’s new TC-26 Gray Self-Leveling Cement was installed to produce an even, level base for the decorative finish. Westcoat TC-2 Smooth Texture Cement was applied followed by TC-4 Fine Texture Cement with TC-40 Liquid Colorant in cinnamon, to create a dynamic texture simulating travertine. Grout tape was used in the hallway to produce a tile pattern to separate it from the other living spaces per the customer’s request.

Integrating three Westcoat SC-35 Water-based Stain colors in Sienna, Adobe, and Eggplant, a rich mottled look was achieved. For maximum protection, two coats of EC-11 Water-based Sealer was applied. The outcome was a one-of-a-kind, residential interior floor that has their guests talking!

Decorative Interior Concrete with Water-Based Stains | westcoat.com

Decorative Interior Concrete with Water-Based Stains | westcoat.com

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Waterproofing for Catalina Landing in Long Beach

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Project: Catalina Landing
Applicator: SPC Building Services
Size: 50,000 square feet
System: MACoat


The Catalina Landing in Downtown Long Beach is in the heart of the city where travelers can book tours to Catalina Island. Nearby businesses also use the outdoor space as it is a great spot for lunch or to enjoy the scenery.

The existing podium deck had a failing waterproofing system which was causing leaks and creating a trip hazard due to the peeling coating. The concrete area needed a new waterproofing system installed to prevent further damage. The owner also wanted a safe slip resistant finish due to the high volume of foot traffic in the area.

MACoat was installed on this high traffic concrete area with a sand broadcast for slip resistance. MACoat is a fiberlath reinforced waterproofing system used mainly for concrete walking decks and is ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic like this commercial area.





Do you have a deck or balcony you are looking to waterproof ? Call us today for an applicator in your area.


Contact Westcoat | 800-250-4519

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Weathered Courtyard Transformed to Endure the Elements

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Office Courtyard Transformation and Waterproofing | westcoat.com

Dilbeck Real Estate
The Design Studio
2000 sq. ft.
Macoat Custom


Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California is the City of La Cañada Flintridge and the home of one of Dilbeck Real Estate’s offices. Their courtyard needed an updated look and they wanted a specific color match so the entire space had a unified look and feel.  The existing tile was in horrible shape and was over a parking garage which meant a waterproofing system was needed.

Westcoat’s Los Angeles based Architectural Rep, Mallory Cabading, worked closely with The Design Studio, L&V Construction, and Westcoat QCA Empire Waterproofing to have our MACoat Custom waterproofing system first specified and then installed per specifications.

Before the MACoat installation, the crew at Empire Waterproofing first needed to address the extensive sloping and patching required to fix the failing mortar bed. After the area was properly sloped and prepped, MACoat was installed with a tile pattern and custom SC-10 topcoat color. The courtyard was then sealed with SC-66 WB Polyurethane Sealer for a satin finish. We were able to work with the customer to create the custom color and fix the failing mortar bed all the while waterproofing the courtyard.

The building is now restored to its former glory and protected from the elements with Westcoat products.

Office Courtyard Transformation and Waterproofing | westcoat.com

Before: Tile covering courtyard area in poor condition with leaks and bad sloping.


Office Courtyard Transformation and Waterproofing | westcoat.com

Substrate poorly sloped and in bad shape.


Office Courtyard Transformation and Waterproofing | westcoat.com

Office Courtyard Transformation and Waterproofing | westcoat.com

Office Courtyard Transformation and Waterproofing | westcoat.com

Waterproof Plywood Coating Demonstration At Decorative Concrete LIVE! [VIDEO]

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With lots of help from local architectural concrete and innovative coating installer, Vegas Hardscape, Westcoat President Paul Koury led a demonstration of our waterproof plywood system ALX during Decorative Concrete LIVE! at World of Concrete 2017 in Las Vegas on January 17, 2017. Check out what else Westcoat is up to at WOC 2017!

Waterproofing and Concrete Coating Q&A Session Thursday 1pm

We will be leading a question and answer session on waterproofing, concrete coating, and more at Decorative Concrete LIVE! this Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 1pm. Stop by the “house” and floors covered with our Epoxy Coat (EC) line’s Liquid Dazzle and our Texture Coat (TC) line’s Texture Crete systems.

Connect With Us On Social Media at World of Concrete 2017

If you have questions about the demonstration, our ALX system or anything of our specialty coating systems, please be sure to add a comment or contact us and we will get you an answer!

If you liked what you see, then give the video a thumbs up…or even share it with your own page fans!

We are covering World of Concrete 2017 for our friends on social media via the Westcoat Facebook Page, Twitter feed @WestcoatSCS, and Instagram @Westcoat, so Like and Follow to learn more about us and the show!

Stop by Booth S11855 in the South Hall at World of Concrete 2017 for your own personal tour of our complete specialty coating line of systems and products and just maybe, a chance to win a $100 poker chip!

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Concrete Coatings Go LIVE at World of Concrete 2017

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Westcoat is proud to again meet and collaborate with the best in the concrete industry at the World of Concrete 2017 show, January 17-20, 2017, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with product displays and debuts, displays and 2 live demos in the new Decorative Concrete LIVE! house, and some good ol’ Vegas fun with daily $100 poker chip giveaways at the booth!

Waterproof Epoxy Surface Texture World of Concrete 2017 Westcoat

Specialty Coatings Spelled “W” “E” “S” “T” In South Hall Booth S11855

Come by Booth S11855 in the South Hall at World of Concrete 2017 and learn about our latest innovations in specialty floor coatings.  Spanning our comprehensive product lines from Waterproof plywood and concrete, Epoxy Coat, Surface Coat, to Texture Coat, all of them delivering superior protective, textured, and decorative finishes for a variety of applications. That’s how we spell WESTcoat!

Check out the ultimate plywood transformation solution for creating concrete-like surfaces, our Waterproof (WP) line’s ALX system. See sophisticated metallic epoxy systems and subtle, decorative overlays all with Class A fire ratings. New offerings include waterproofing resins (our WP-90 and WP-91 products) used in our MACoat concrete waterproofing system, with enhanced flexibility, waterproofing of cements, and feathering textures. We’ll also show you our top-of-the-line ALX Pro.

What’s tougher than Epoxy? Visit the booth, get info on our Epoxy Coat (EC) line, and you’ll find out it’s our Temper-Crete, urethane cement system, whose heat, steam, and chemical resistant qualities make it perfect for brewing facilities, commercial kitchens, and other heavy use areas. Come by and ask about our newly updated Polyaspartic Topcoat, EC-101, featuring 100% solids, fast curing, low VOC, available in clear and pigmented options, and can be used with our new Thin Coat Medium Solvent, CA-23.

Polish vs. Grind and Seal…that is the question of the moment! The look of polished concrete is definitely “in” but it’s not always suitable in all environments. Sometimes a sealer is needed for added protection and easier maintenance. Whatever the need, our Surface Coat (SC) product line has a system to fill it. And ask about the new addition to our Concrete Acid Stain color palette, Blonde!

Whether it’s smooth or textured, interior or exterior, our Texture Coat (TC) line has what you and your customers are looking for. Create high-end concrete floors with any combination of stains and sealers with our TC Interior system. Looking for slip-resistant, pool deck surfaces? Then check out our Texture Crete system to resurface and beautify existing concrete. And while you are at the booth, ask about our quick drying, patching method for interior concrete floors, TC-29. You can polish it, fill holes, sprawls, and minor cracks, and use with any of our Surface Coat staining systems.

Take the booth tour and you just might get a chance to dip your hand in the sample bucket and pull out one of the daily $100 poker chips!

Dazzling Concrete Floors and Waterproof Plywood Demonstrations at Decorative Concrete Live!

Sponsored by Concrete Decor magazine and the Concrete Decor RoadShow, Decorative Concrete LIVE! is making its industry-anticipated debut at World of Concrete 2017. Decorative Concrete Live! will feature displays and ongoing demonstrations that show myriad ways horizontal and vertical concrete can be used in quality homes of any size and style.

Come check out Westcoat’s Texture Coat & Epoxy Coat systems featured in the ‘house’ in the Concrete Surfaces & Decorative Pavilion being installed by Vegas Hardscape.

We will also have two demonstrations of our plywood-to-waterproof-concrete system, ALX, at Decorative Concrete Live!: One is Tuesday, 1/17/17, at 1pm and the other is Thursday,1/19/17 at 1pm. Westcoat President Paul Koury will be leading the Tuesday demonstration, so make sure you tell Paul “Hi!”.

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Blonde Color Expands Concrete Acid Stain Palette

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We are excited to announce the addition of Blonde to our color palette of Concrete Acid Stain systems and products. Previously offering 10 colors ranging from greens to browns, the Blonde color adds a lighter neutral tone similar or a wheat or sand hue.

Blonde Concrete Acid Stain In Modern Office

“Our Acid Stains have been very popular and adding the Blonde tone has really rounded out the colors we have to offer. Our new Blonde is a color you could use almost anywhere due to its warmth and neutral tone” says President Paul Koury.

Concrete Acid Stain – A Durable, UV Resistant Surface Coat


Westcoat Acid Stains penetrate and react with concrete and Westcoat’s cement to produce rich, attractive finishes. When applied on concrete, the stain’s metallic ions combine with concrete particles; the resulting oxides produce a variety of mottled colors ideal for both interior and exterior projects. Acid Stain is the most durable and UV resistant of the concrete stain systems in our concrete Surface Coat category.

All of the Westcoat Acid Stain colors, including the new Blonde color, are perfect for using on any exposed concrete project including restaurants, tasting rooms, patios, driveways and showrooms. New Acid Stain color charts are available on the Westcoat website. Please contact us for samples or more information.

Contact Westcoat | 800-250-4519


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